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Create Your Bra


Use your creative talents to build the perfect bra.

We encourage you to follow your artistic vision in creating your bra! To ensure that each bra meets a minimum standard of quality and can be photographed and displayed properly, we require the following of all bra submission s:

  • Use a new padded, full coverage, 36C BRA with underwire and STRAPS FULLY EXTENDED as a base for your design, so the bra can be displayed on a mannequin.
    *Bras that do not fit on a mannequin will not be accepted.
  • The front, back, both straps and sides of the bra MUST be completely covered.
  • Decorations cannot be perishable. Please do not stitch the back of the bra closed. (Only bras that meet all the requirements will be included in the exhibit)
  • Each bra must have a tag attached to it, that includes:
    • name of artist
    • bra title
    • a contact number
    • an email address

Please Note

The Creative Cups™ committee reserves the right to refuse to display any bra that does not meet these guidelines and is not in good taste.

For more information or to report a question or concern, please contact:

Michelle Lamberson
p – 516.877.4320
e –

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